Madonna And Ritchie Scolded Over Custody Fight

A judge says the pair must resolve their dispute over son Rocco, otherwise “eventually the court will”.

Guy Ritchie and Madonna in 2008<img src=”×116.jpg” class=”image__item ” alt=”Guy Ritchie and Madonna in 2008″ />

Guy Ritchie and Madonna divorced in 2008

Madonna and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie have been urged by a judge to resolve the custody dispute over their son.

When the couple divorced in 2008, they agreed that Rocco would live with his mother.

However, the 15-year-old has recently been living in London with his father and in December he ignored a court order to fly back to New York and return to his mother.

State Supreme Court Justice Deborah Kaplan implored the singer and film director to settle the issue after their lawyers said a deal reached late on Tuesday had fallen apart.

“No one is disrupting his household other than the inability of the parents to reach a resolution,” Judge Kaplan said. “If they cannot resolve this matter then eventually the court will.”

Judge Kaplan scolded Madonna and Mr Ritchie for taking the matter to court, saying that Rocco had stated his wish to resolve the matter “in the most private way possible”.

“Frankly, both parties here have chosen to live their lives in a very public way, and may welcome the exposure, but the child has not,” she said.

“I urge them to consider what is the best interests of their son – which may be to remove him from the spotlight.”

None of the three appeared in person at the Manhattan hearing, with both parents calling from overseas.

Lawyer Ellen Sigal, representing Rocco, told the judge that, while he was enjoying his London schooling, he was having “a very difficult time” due to the custody arrangements.

“Having this order over his head has been very stressful for him,” she said.

“We hope to put an end to this as soon as possible without exposing him to more litigation, press innuendo, any of that kind of thing.”

It has not been said why Rocco wants to live with his father but recent media reports have speculated that it may be due to twice-married Madonna’s strict parenting style.

The 57-year-old, who has three other children, is currently touring, with her next show in New Zealand on 5 March.


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