Pics: Lady Accuses Married Man Of Impregnating Women; His Wife Fires Back

– His Wife Responds!

A wild drama is currently playing out on Facebook after a Switzerland-based Nigerian lady, Sonia Efe called out her lover boy for allegedly using fake marriage proposals to defraud Nigerian ladies on Facebook. And yesterday, got an epic clap back from the man’s wife, Maxwell Eghosa.

According to Sonia Efe, she thought she had found a great guy when she met Bright Oni only to later discover that Oni was a monster. They met on Facebook about 3 years ago, and she had met members of his family, while living with him as man and wife. He was involved in a relationship with her, despite being married and allegedly having affairs and pregnacies with several other ladies.

Her post on Facebook continues:

He is a fraudster, 419 in the making it flows in his blood. If I have to reveal all he did to me you will feel my pains but i leave everything for God. people may think i used the money to play love but I didn’t i was thinking his a good man that i have found the best man not knowing he is a monster.

I really feel ashamed on their behalf, washing their dirty linings in public. I shared this on my Facebook yesterday and the said victim was quick to thank me making me realize she might not be much of a victim afterall.

As for the so called wife, you have turned a blind eye to the accusations melt3d out on your husband about impregnating several other women; instead you accuse this woman of being a scammer (scanner) while you can see proof she and your so called husband have been having an affair. please stop disgracing our good Nigerian names in Europe and have a little bit of shame.

Sonia’s post drew so much attention and Bright Oni’s wife, Maxwell Eghosa clapped back with vengeance. Read what she wrote below:



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