An Estranged Jealous Wife Went To Her Ex Husband’s House And Did This

Estranged wife vandalises husband’s car

A woman allegedly divorced by her ex-husband last weekend came to the man’s house in Katampe area of Mpape and smashed the windscreen of his car.

City News learnt that the woman, who just barged into the husband’s house unannounced, had heard that after throwing her out of the house, the ex-husband brought in another woman.

A source told our reporter that the couple separated about four months ago but “the wife still feels jealous whenever she hears that her husband is with another woman.”

The source said the woman heard that another woman was living with her ex-husband and she came to the house with a pestle and broke the man’s television, his phone and Ipad.

“When he attempted beating her up, his neighbours held him back, afraid that she may attack him with the pestle. She left them and went to where his car was parked and broke the screen with the pestle she was holding,” the source said.

Some terrified neighbours, who were afraid the woman could do more damage than she had already done, called the police but the woman escaped.

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