Graphic Pics From The Accident On Akure Highway (Warning: People Roasted Alive)

No fewer than 15 people were today roasted to death in an autocrach which occurred along Akure-owo road

The accident which happened around 5 occurred at Uso area of the road leaving the victims burnt beyond recognition

An eye witness reveals that the two buses loaded fully loaded with passengers colluded with a truck that is leaded with petrol

Fire started immediately and many of the victims were trapped in the accident resulting into their death

An unconfirmed report hinted that some of the victims were students of an institution from Osun who were on excursion to an undisclosed area. , Check Graphic Photos below.

Yesterday ……I came to the conclusion that the world is just a vain conclusion. … Along Akure Owo road and before my eyes ……….people got burnt in a ghastly multiple car accident. . FRSC. . Fire service of Ondo State sector were all helpless but they tried. .. tried as they can but people burnt
..mmmmmmmmmmmm. .May they rest in peace and be remembered by those they helped for our help comes from those we helped. – Online Reporter



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