Pic: Father Who Lost His Baby During Hausa & Yoruba Clash In Mile 12 Laments

A man was grieving yesterday over the loss of his 19-month-old baby, Daniel Igba, who was snatched from him during the violence at Mile 12 on the outskirts of Lagos.

He said: “I was in the house around 10am and I saw that the people were bringing the fight to our area (across the bridge).

“So, I hurriedly entered the house and carried my baby in an attempt to escape. But they chased me. They caught me and started beating me. They axed my head and my hand.

“I was still holding the baby. As I tried to run again, I fell and they snatched the baby from me. Since that time, we have not seen our baby. His mother was in school when it happened.”

Mr. Igba was beaten and had a knife wound on his head.

As of 5pm, armoured tanks were patrolling the area. Soldiers and policemen were at strategic junctions.



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