The Nigerian Army Salary Structure: How Much Is A Nigerian Soldier Paid?

Contrary to the belief by most people that the
Nigerian Army are being paid heavily, the
opposite is the case as the Nigerian Army
salary structure reveals that these men who
risk their lives to defend the sovereignty of
Nigeria go home with stipends.

A Nigerian soldier is being paid according to
his or her rank and years of service. The list
below is a report seen as of December 2015..

Salary Structure of the Nigerian
Private Soldier earns about N48-49,000
Lance Corporal earns about N54-55,
Corporal earns N58,000
Sergeant earns N63,000
Staff Sergeant earns N68,000
Warrant Officer earns N80,000
Master Warrant Officer earns N90,000

Nigerian Army Salary Structure for
Commissioned Officers
Second Lieutenant- N120,000
Lieutenant- N180,000
Captain- N220,000
Major- N300,000
Lt. Colonel- N350,000
Colonel- N550,000
Brigadier General- N750,000
Major General- N950,000
Lt. General- N1 million
General- N1.5 million
Those are the salary of Nigerian soldiers.
What is your take on the Nigerian Army



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