Kaduna Govt. To Acquire Peugeot, Targets 90,000 Cars Yearly

Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna says the state has concluded plans to acquire the majority shares of the comatose Peugeot Automobile of Nigeria, Kaduna.
Mr. El-Rufai said this at the ongoing Kaduna international Trade fair.
According to the governor, the state had already submitted its interest to Assets Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON) which manages the liabilities of the company.
“Our hope is that when we acquire the majority share of the company, we will restructure it to operate to full capacity of assembling between 90,000 and 100,000 cars yearly.
“We have the support of PAN as well as the government of France in this drive.
Mr. El-Rufai said PAN is a critical partner in Kaduna state’s industrial history, and now has gone down from assembling 90,000 cars per annum to merely 200 a year.
“We are determined to bring back all industries related to Peugeot established in Kaduna as part of plans to ensure that every youth in Kaduna State has something doing,” he said



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