“Revealed, True Story Behind The Mysterious Death Of An Anatomy Student Of UNIOSUN”

In early hour of February 5th 2016 our source gave us an information concerning the Mysterious death of an Anatomy student of Uniosun named Babatunde Oluwatosin Indigene Of Ilesa, Osun State.

We gathered that a boy nearby the decease neighborhood went to her room to collect a bottle of soft drink she bought from their mini mart, on getting to her room he discovered she was lying on bed not feeling good. Immediately he asked for what he came for and he was told where it was. We learnt that she took overdose of a contraband tablet “Tramadol” after a Relationship breakup from her boyfriend.

Later in the evening her friend known as “Ebunoluwa” who slept with her during the moment she took the contraband tablet didn’t bother to raise alarm concerning the health of her friend who was in pain before she was taken to a nearby hospital at Oke Baale around 7am in of February 5th 2016. Unluckily, due to a poor facilities at the local hospital she was moderately transferred to college of health at Ilesha where give up the ghost. Currently Ebunoluwa whereabouts is unknown to anybody in the school area.

After thorough investigation from our source, it was confirmed that the decease wrote a “Suicide Letter” that read thus,
If I die the following people should held responsible “Daddy (Her Boyfriend) And Tola” (Unknown Friend)
Early today afternoon February 6th 2016 it was secreted to us that Oluwatosin did not died immediately in Ilesa as it took a while but the most shocking part that got us naive is that the elder brother of Tosin buried the girl same day of death but Oluwatosin and Family are Christians and nobody knows where she was buried by the brother.Though they have been different speculations that the bother want to use her for ritual which is not yet confirmed.


The Whole of Uniosun, Osogbo campus students area were thrown in Chaos after the death of the 200 level student



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