Huge Revelations Made By Aliko DANGOTE At Economist Summit In Lagos

Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest man and President and Chief executive officer of Dangote Group, says his cement company Dangote Cement has seen a 47 percent growth in sales volumes between January and February 2016. Dangote was speaking today at the Economist Summit in Lagos which Nairametrics is covering…..

DANGOTE CEMENT PLC  Aliko Dangote Just made these huge revelations at the Economist summit Pat Melik |  350 Views Dangote Cement can export up to $500 million worth of cement annually from Nigeria to neighboring West African countries.  By 2018 – 2020 there will be no need by Dangote Group of businesses to get FX from the CBN.  In 5 – 6 years Dangote’ Sugar investments will stop imports of about $1 bn worth of sugar into Nigeria.  Dangote Group will produce 1 million tons of rice in 5 years.  Dangote is building a 2 undersea gas pipelines that can move 1.5 million scf of gas each from oil blocks 71/72 in the Niger Delta to Olokola Free Trade Zone and then to Lagos.  When completed the gas being carried (total of 3 bn scf a day) can produce up to 12,000 mw of electricity.  Dangote Group is getting equipment for its Fertilizer, petrochemical and refinery projects about 30 percent cheaper


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