Japanese court orders nuclear reactors offline

Employees of the Takahama nuclear power plant monitor instruments at its operation room  The plant was brought back online only recently

A court in Japan has ordered Kansai Electric Power to shut down two of its reactors in Takahama, western Japan.

The Otsu District Court ruling came after complaints by local residents about the safety of the plant.

It comes ahead of the fifth anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that led to the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Local media say the plant has been told to shut immediately and that this is the first ruling issued in Japan against an operating nuclear plant.

The company says it will quickly appeal against the ruling.

Aerial view of plant  One of the two reactors to be shut was already offline due to a technical fault

Of the two reactors to shut down, the No 3 reactor is currently running, which the No 4 reactor was taken offline last month after a technical problem just days after it restarted.



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