Zuma Speech At The Nigeria’s National Assembly

– Zuma speaks about settling business tensions among citizens of South Africa and Nigeria

– The South Africa president addresses bilateral relationship between Nigeria and South Africa

– Zuma reveals how Buhari helped South Africa during the Apartheid
Jacob Zuma, the president of South Africa on Tuesday, March 8, addressed a joint session of the National Assembly.

Zuma’s visit to Nigeria and President Buhari is aimed at mending the relations between the two giants of Africa, as there are also indications that it is an opportunity for both presidents to address the South Africa-Nigeria Business Forum.

But according to Zuma, the main objective for his visit is to strengthen the bilateral relationship between Nigeria and South Africa so as both nation’s economic ties are fortified.

Read excerpts from President Jacob Zuma’s speech below:

“The main objective of the relationship between Nigeria and South Africa is to ensure that economic ties are strengthened. We are proud of this country, as Nigeria charted the way Africans need to follow with the 2015 election.

“Nigeria’s role in ending apartheid in South Africa must be told endlessly to future generations of our people. Nigeria’s role in the reparation of South Arica has a special place in the history of the African continent and we must strive not to be left behind in the fourth industrial revolution. Presently, more than 120 companies from South Africa operate in Nigeria as against just four companies in 1999.

“But we must diversify our economies to provide more jobs for our people to break away from colonial strongholds and improve their living conditions. Economic cooperation between Nigeria and South Africa must be enhanced to enable Africa develop at a fast pace.

“The bilateral relationship between our countries improved in the last 16 years with over 120 South African Companies in Nigeria now.

“Mr. president and honourable members of the Senate and House of Representatives, Nigeria and South Africa must forged a strong strategic partnership. We need to stand firm in our political, economical and social co-operation. We need to advance a continental transformation of peace and security. That the citizens of both countries march together towards a brighter future. A future filled with prosperity. South and Nigeria must play a key role to achieve this.”

Shortly after Zuma’s speech, the speaker of the House of Representative Yakubu Dogara gave a vote of thanks to the South Africa president as both country’s national anthem were sung.

Zuma’s visit to the National Assembly is symbolic. It is the first time that the 8th National Assembly is honouring a visiting President and the second time that a President is addressing the joint session in the last 15 years. The last was in 2000 by a former US President, Bill Clinton.




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