Did The National Assembly Finally Approve The Increase In Electricity Tariff?

My people have a common saying that a man who is of the habit of asking questions rarely misses his way. Last month the news was all over the internet that the Nigerian Senate ordered that the planned 40% increase in power tariff by NERC be reversed. My first question is; did the senate finally accede to the NERC’s decision to hike the tariff? was the senate only making a suggestion? or does FG have the power to overrule the senate’s directive for the increase to be reversed? I’m lost because the bill i just received from Enugu Disco (EEDC) just reflected the tariff increase as well as the ever sardonic unmetered fixed phantom consumption. The bills (Images attached below) shows a 40% increase from what i received last month. Please can someone help counsel me?

And that’s not to mention that the energy consumption for my office space in a non-urban area had gradually increased from 150units to 300units over the past couple of months. How the estimated consumption is even calculated is “secret society code” because no one seems to know the criteria for estimating the power consumption for a particular building. I have complained without any meaningful solution from the local EEDC office here.

And this is not all, the bill you are seeing below is bill for energy “Unused”, yes, you read right. I hardly had power for up to 2 hours a day for the entirety of last month, sometimes there were outages for 2-3days at a stretch. The last time i tried to take this up with the local marketer here, he proudly told me that they were instructed to allot bills to customers based on the value of energy imported, whether the energy got to us or not, which begs the question where in the world do consumers pay for goods/services that ended up with the manufacturer/wholesaler? I thought basic economics is that one pays for satisfaction derived from the services rendered?

All the talks about getting meters whether prepaid or postpaid has forever being mere lip service, which by the way i think is a deliberate action by these people to keep extorting us. Judging by how much power i got last month my bill for the month shouldn’t have being up to 200naira even at the current tariff.

I really don’t know how to deal with this. This whole thing is just very frustrating, I may not understand the processes and how these things go, but i sure know to understand if someone explains to me. I therefore beckon on those who do to weigh in, lemme actually understand what is going on.



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