How an 11 year old was reunited with his parents.

It was on a sunny afternoon on October 2014, I went down to Asaba, Delta state for the collection of my national ID card.
I will make it brief even thought it’s gonna be lengthy; At the intersection between Delta Broadcasting Station (DBS) road and Okpanam road, I saw a little boy walking up and down the road looking unkept, hungry, helpless and of course with many bleeding sours all over his body. I became emotional and started wondering why he was alone and it had been raining the past four or five days before, I went about my business thinking of him but out of curiosity, I felt I should go back there to check on him. On getting back there later in the evening, I saw him following people up and down begging for food, I couldn’t help it anymore so I walked up to him and asked his name, he replied with a hand signal that he is hungry, I then approached people selling commodities around to ask if they have an idea of whom the boy is but the general answer I got was that the boy suddenly appeared in that area for almost five days now and that no one knows him. That he was stark unclad when he came but a man passed there in the morning and bought cloth for him. No one was willing to care to help him find out how he got there.

I thought about police Wahala if I try to help but I waved it, I then bought food and water for him and he devoured it. While he was eating, there came a man with a black SUV ( mr Emeka) who stopped in front of us, we exchanged greetings and by then people were beginning to gather gradually to know what’s going on. The man introduced himself to me and I got to know that he is based at the US and is also into humanitarian work, he told me he passed before and saw the boy, then asked around but got the same answer I got from people around. He then called the police divisional office to come and pick the boy and they answered in affirmative, that he was surprised to see that the boy was still out here. Well, we took it upon ourselves to help the boy as much as we could.

The complication started after he was done eating, we started asking him about himself, parents and all that but discovered that he is a physically challenged boy, ( he can’t talk: deaf and dumb) though he makes some kind of noise that means nothing to the listener. We tried all we could but nothing at all to help know his way about.

We went to the police headquarters to make report, after discussing with the PRO (God bless his soul, he died in a car crash the following day) he gave us a police report to Delta broadcasting service and NTA Asaba to show the missing boy. We got there and after all said and done, we proceeded to NTA office where they killed our time before the broadcast.

Meanwhile it was getting late, I needed to leave Asaba and go home, we took him to the divisional office where he formerly called the DPO about the boy so they can keep the boy there for safety till the following week because this was happening on a Friday but the DPO refused to keep the boy there insisting that the police office is not for motherless babies or missing children, that their job is to apprehend the criminals, there was a serious misunderstanding that day and shoutings even the DPO angrily entered his car and drove off leaving us there. The officers around said we should go and keep him in an orphanage for the weekend so we can take him to welfare office the upper week. The Civil Service offices has closed as of that late evening.

We got a location from a DBS staff and took Bobby there (we christened him Bobby) he is such a good boy and very happy. We finally got there but it took time before they took him in as we had to rush to the police headquarters to get a note with an officer for them to allow him to stay for the weekend because it’s actually a private motherless babies’ home. We filed the necessary papers and signed our signatures and left but not without making sure that the boy’s wounds were attended to.

I got home by almost 11pm that night, very scared. I prayed everything will go well.
I was woken up the following morning by a call from me Emeka, the man I was working with on the case , he told me that the reverend sisters called him to report that the boy is missing “again” I just got tired and weak, I related the issue to my parents and took off to Asaba. On reaching there, I found out that Police officers has been dispatched to go in search of Bobby, they found him later on the afternoon perambulating the streets far away from the children’s home. We took him back and I went back home.

It was by Monday morning when I returned and met up with mr Emeka ans we took him and went to the welfare office, it took almost the whole day because we wrote statements and other paper woks too. Towards evening time of that day, we drove Bobby alongside a staff from the office there who took us to the state government owned children’s home. He was settled in comfortably before we left. There were other kids too and they all welcomed him cheerfully. Haa!! At last it all ended but we prayed he would be located by his parents.

It was on Tuesday noon that I got a call to come to Asaba that Bobby’s parents has located him, I went there and to cut a long story short again, they had been broadcasting his photograph all over the television stations in Anambra and Imo state, someone saw his picture on TV and again saw the constant display on DBS and decided to call the number displayed by his parents. He told them to report to Asaba police station and from there, the boy was located thank God! But it wasn’t easy for the boy to be released to them by the state government child welfare. They even came with pictures and Bobby’s clothes and it took days before he was eventually released to them.

On how he got lost, he was brought from IMO state to Ogbunike in Anambra state his grandmother’s house for holidays. Two days after arrival, they lost him only to be found this way, It wasn’t easy at all but to God be the glory. His mom almost died of heartbreak.
His real name as we got to know from his parent is victor. Below are the pictures we took before and after he reunited with his family..
Mr Emeka kept buying and buying and buying lots of provisions, toiletries and other children’s amenities to both the state owned and the government owned children’s home even after Bobby left there, very good man God bless him wherever he is.
That’s my story. Be helpful to someone today and u will save lots of others. Thanks

By Chocolateme..

I forgot to add that coincidentally, Victor’s dad’s name happens to be Mr “Bobby”



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