I Won’t Stop Criticizing Buhari – Fayose

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, on Wednesday said ‎he would not stop criticizing the Buhari-led government’s bad policies despite the recent clampdown on state officials by operatives of the Department of State Security Service (SSS).

The governor said no policy of the Federal Government that is inimical to the welfare of the people would be spared by his comments.‎

According to a press statement issued by the Governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Idowu Adelusi, Mr. Fayose, who was reacting to the SSS raid for the first time, said he remained resolute in his determination to criticise obnoxious policies of the president in the interest of Nigeria and democracy.

The statement said the state commissioner for finance, Toyin Ojo, who was also arrested by SSS was released late Tuesday night.

“The Bible says people with God are in majority.‎ This is not the first time people will harass me. It is a conspiracy and it will collapse like other attempts before it. I will remain critical of the activities of the Federal Government, especially when they do things that are inimical to the welfare of Nigerians,” Mr. Fayose said.

“Imagine the questions they asked my Commissioner for Finance, they asked him if the Federal Government has reimbursed the state government on works done on federal roads. But the records are with them in Abuja, can’t they check?‎ We have nothing to‎ hide and they are only chasing shadows and are time wasters.

“Telling the Federal Government that the economy is in trouble and that the president should stay at home to face governance is not a crime and is part of my rights‎ as a citizen of this country. I am like a tree planted by the bank of a river that brings forth its fruits in due season,” he said.

Responding to claims that lawmakers were offered $1 million to impeach him, the governor expressed confidence in the lawmakers.

“I am just coming from Abuja and I know that our ‎lawmakers are solid guys and their future and mine are tied together. When the APC was at its peak in the state and they wanted to use 19 lawmakers to impeach me, they failed woefully and they will still fail again. This is a storm in a tea cup. They are not just starting; I defeated them in all courts in the land. I won’t deter from saying the truth about the FG.

“We are in the morning we have not seen what the night is going to be. ‎If it is me that brought myself here they will succeed, but if it is God, they will have to first overcome God before overcoming me,” the governor said.



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