“Memories Of A Dashing Male Teacher In An All Girls School

I attended a beautiful all girls school. We were trained to be proper ladies..walk erect don’t stoop, don’t cross the lawn, hair must be done in a certain way, ), use deodorants, speak gently like a lady etc etc. We only saw boys on special occasions e,g Literary and debating events, inter house sports day. Completely sheltered by our dear teachers and Nuns.
Then there came this young unmarried teacher, ready to take us into the world of Poetry, into Shakespeare, into the mind of Wole Soyinka…and also make us fall in love with J.p Clark’s Abiku.. Christopher Okigbo’s ..Before you mother Idoto poem was not left out. Wao.,,he blew our young highly impressionable minds. Nobody missed Literature classes. Every girl hung on his words pretending to understand this “deeeeep” and very intelligent young man. He made the literary world to come alive and many a girl had a huge crush on him. Even as matured ladies now, we all still smile when we remember.

At that time parents were vigilant, female teachers were extra vigilant leaving nothing to chance. I believe this our teacher never took advantage of the very vulnerable and very young girls in his care.He could have picked any.,…innocence written all over.


The reality we are facing is that the girl child is becoming increasingly more vulnerable with several predators around and it has been said that Rape occurs once opportunity arises and there is access to the Victim.

There is an urgent need for vigilance, Yunusa is already claiming that it was a love affair with Ese not Abduction. There is an urgent need to ensure that our girls wake up to the reality of these times. I don’t want to go into the various tales of teachers engaged in very steamy relationships with young girls but schools sometimes cover up to protect their brand name.

May I end this by advising Schools to develop guidelines that must be strictly enforced and to ensure that inappropriate behavior by anyone in authority is promptly reported…We are no longer in the 70s and 80s when we trusted everyone to do the right thing…,WATCH AND PRAY.

May The Lord protect our girls.

Culled from the Facebook group for Parents and Educators…


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