Mum Drops Kids From Window Of Burning Flat

The children – one of them a two-day-old baby – were unharmed by the 20ft fall from the second-floor window of their Sydney flat.


Flat fire in Sydney<img src=”×116.jpg” class=”image__item ” alt=”Flat fire in Sydney” />

Neighbours used a bed sheet and mattress to catch the children

A mother trapped by a fire in her flat in Sydney was forced to drop her two children 20ft from a second-floor window.

Neighbours reportedly used a bed sheet and mattress to catch the children – a two-day-old baby and two-year-old toddler – who were unharmed.

A neighbour, who was not named, told Australian Broadcasting Corp television that her father and a friend caught both children before emergency services arrived.

Their 27-year-old mother was at the window with hot smoke billowing over her and was about to jump when firefighters arrived at the scene, a fire spokesman said.

She was rescued by firefighters using a ladder and taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation and cuts.

The fire, which broke out in a kitchen, spread to other apartments and around 50 people were evacuated from the block of flats, the fire spokesman said.


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