Poll: Buhari’s Approval Rating Slips

A monthly poll tracking the performance of governments at all levels in Nigeria, and providing feedback from the public to their elected officials, has recorded President Muhammadu Buhari’s first major approval rating slide.

The February survey by Governance Advancement Initiative for Nigeria (GAIN) said more Nigerians for the first time since December 2015 scored Buhari low on jobs, economy, and power.

In earlier months, the poll found that majority of respondents did not blame President Buhari for Nigeria’s current economic troubles. They blamed former President Goodluck Jonathan instead.

The trend however shifted significantly in February as the nation’s economic crisis bit harder, in what the poll coordinators said suggested the president’s “honey moon” might have ended.

“The survey was administered using electronic media between February 22 and 29, 2016. A total of 757 complete responses were received. The survey results have a four per cent margin of error at a 95 per cent confidence level,” said Malcolm Fabiyi, one of the poll’s coordinators, who previously served as a visiting professor at the Lagos Business School.

The February result showed that Buhari’s approval rating dropped from 63.4 per cent in January to 32.8 per cent, and more Nigerians held the president responsible for the struggling economy for the first time.

The president scored low on jobs, economy, power, and rule of law. A huge 79 per cent of respondents rated the government’s handling of recurring clashes between herdsmen and farmers poor.

The poll, according to Premium Times, also found that the Nigerian Senate maintained the lowest approval rating of all governmental institutions. The army was the highest rated national institution.
Respondents also rated the Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, as Nigeria’s best minister so far.



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