“Photo: See How Buhari’s Past Came Back To Haunt Him

It was a strong statement by Buhari on the 3rd of February 2015 on Social Media Platform TWITTER, when Presidential Campaigns by the APC and PDP the two leading parties dominated the Social Media Hemisphere in Nigeria.

Buhari and his associates heavily criticized GEJ’s PDP led administration and proffered solutions to the dire situation Nigerians faced in the oil sector of the economy. Little did he know that his own administration would even be worse.

News broke out in the media this week about how citizens queued up with Generators rather than kegs, just to get fuel from Fuel stations in lagos.Its quite unfortunate that President Muhammadu Buhari’s statements and jibes last year came back to haunt him in the most unforeseen way.

” The Countless Man Hours that will be spent at Petrol Stations today will reduce our productivity as a nation.This should not be so”

General Muhammadu Buhari – 03-02-2015

In his very own government,Buhari is now struggling to curb frailties which he saw in the previous Govt.Word



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