Death Chamber Survivor Faces Second Execution

The 59-year-old killer says he suffered intense pain as he was pierced with needles at least 18 times seven years ago.


Romell Broom<img src=”×116.jpg” class=”image__item ” alt=”Romell Broom” />

Romell Broom said he cried in agony during the first execution attempt

The US state of Ohio has been given another chance to execute a killer after botching its first attempt to put him to death.

Romell Broom’s 2009 execution had to be called off after the team tried unsuccessfully for two hours to find a suitable vein.

The 59-year-old has said he was pierced with needles at least 18 times, with pain so intense he cried and screamed.

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled 4-3 that the state can have another go.

Tryna Middleton<img src=”×155.jpg” class=”image__item ” alt=”Tryna Middleton” />

Tryna Middleton, 14, was raped and stabbed to death by Broom

Broom was sentenced to die for raping and fatally stabbing 14-year-old Tryna Middleton after abducting her in Cleveland in 1984 as she walked home with friends.

In Wednesday’s decision, the high court rejected arguments by the death row inmate’s lawyers that a second execution would amount to cruel and unusual punishment and double jeopardy.

Prosecutors said double jeopardy does not apply because lethal drugs did not enter Broom’s veins while executioners unsuccessfully tried to hook up an IV.

Romell Broom<img src=”×155.jpg” class=”image__item ” alt=”Romell Broom” />

No new execution date has been set for Broom

Justice Judith Ann Lanzinger agreed, saying the execution did not begin since the drugs were not administered.

Justice Judi French wrote in a dissent. “If the state cannot explain why the Broom execution went wrong, then the state cannot guarantee that the outcome will be different next time.”

No new execution date has been set.

But a second execution is likely to be years away as the case will undergo a federal appeal.

Broom maintains he is innocent of Tryna’s murder.

Three months after the teenager’s killing the mother of an 11-year-old girl thwarted Broom’s attempt to abduct her daughter.

He was arrested and also charged with Tryna’s death.


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