Worker dies after falling 53 storeys at Los Angeles building site

The construction site of the Wilshire Grand Center

An electrician has died after falling 53 storeys from a construction site in Los Angeles.

Police were quoted as saying the man struck the rear of a car on Wilshire Boulevard when he fell.

It was reportedly only the man’s second day working on the project.

The man died at the site of the Wilshire Grand Center, part of $1bn (£690m) development which will be the tallest building on the US West Coast when completed.

Officials from the construction company said the man was not supposed to be above the third floor and had removed his hardhat.

An eyewitness told AP the driver of the car that was struck was “hysterical,” waving her hands in the air and holding her head. She was later taken to hospital.

The construction company said work on the project would not take place on Friday “to honour our workforce and out of respect,” and counsellors would be available to help workers through “this very difficult situation”.

Construction workers gather at the base of the Wilshire Grand Tower on South Figueroa Street where a worker fell to his death  The incident happened in the middle of the day on a busy Los Angeles street


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