Linda Ikeji’s Fans Pose At A Black Gate To Applaud‎ Her With Placards (Pics)

With regards to her self rise to fame based on her consistent hardwork on social media, four undergraduates of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Cliff Amaka, Cynthia Iremeka Patrick, Jenny Obicheta and Rose Domnic moved to commend her for her motivation and role model influence on them and thousands of youths.

The four female Fans of the popular blogg‎er Linda Ikeji took to the streets of the university to showcase placards with several motivational inscriptions like ” You are stronger than you think, believe in yourself”, “Accept the challenges so that you feel the exhilaration of victory” ,  ” I would rather be self made” and ” Motivating and empowering young women”

This action from the girls directed to the Lagos based blogger is unconnected to the her recent move to support young Ladies with 10million Naira fund and her self independent source of livelihood.

Speaking to a blogger ‎AlexReports, one of the ladies Amaka said this move it’s not sponsored or to attract her attention but eulogise a young woman who rose to fame doing what she loves doing irrespective of her humble background. The blogger applauded Linda Ikeji and celebrated the girls’ courage to pose and take the pictures at a black gate, dipicting Linda’s controversial black gate before her recent acquisition of a Mansion at Banana Island. This goes a long to show that people somewhere far watch with curiosity what you do.

Linda Ikeji replied the girls when they tagged it on her Insta‎gram that they should meet…

Let’s the story unfold, love your guts girls!



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