#Happy10thAnniversary @Twitter

#Happy10thAnniversary @Twitter news

Since Twitter began 10 years ago today, it has found itself at the centre of some of the biggest global events of the decade.

Twitter at ten: still the best vox populi tool around, always in peril Thanks for the career, guys, covering you and connecting me to the storage community Twitter turns 10 today and I, for one, would like to thank for sustaining my career by connecting me to important .. theregister.co.uk >>

Twitter’s 10th birthday: 5 ways Twitter has changed the way we communicate On the tenth anniversary of the first ever tweet, we take a look back at how Twitter has changed the way we communicate online .. Mirror.co.uk >>

What the future looks like as Twitter turns 10 It’s time to look back at important milestones achieved and what the future may look like for the platform, which has been documenting the world in 140 characters… indiaToday >>

Happy 10th Birthday Twitter Twitter has 320 million users including celebrities such as Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Adele, all of whom have tens of millions of followers… newindianexpress >>

Twitter Sends 140-character Message to Users on 10th Birthday Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said last week that while several changes are being planned at the company, its 140-character limit represents a beautiful constraint, which helps deliver strong statements



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